01962 862050  admin@wcns.org.uk

Store room


We are currently in need of blankets and sleeping bags. Please call our office first on 01962 862050 before dropping off at the Nightshelter. Thank you in advance. 


If you would like to donate clothes to the Nightshelter, please call our office first on 01962 862050.

Food and domestic items

We are in urgent need of a few essential items: 

- Spray-on deoderant

- Shaving foam

- Strong black bin liners

- Instant coffee

- Granulated sugar

- Metal scourers

- Toilet cleaner

- Toilet roll

- Tinned Custard

- Squash and soft drinks

DELIVERIES: If you were planning to deliver items, it would be enormously helpful if you could let us know in advance so we can ensure we have storage space and that someone is available to help with carrying items. 

Please contact 01962 862050 or email admin@wcns.org.uk.